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11 Piece Resistance / Exercise Bands Set
// This high quality, 11 piece Resistance Bands Set set is an essential piece of equipment for any ..
70 Piece First Aid Emergency Kit Bag
//Be prepared at home or in the car with these 70 piece first aid kits. Contents: 2 x Ice b..
Body Fat Tester Calipers
//Body Fat Calipers With Manual & Charts Doctors, personal trainers, and nutritionists reco..
Borosilicate Glass Tea Infuser Drinking Bottle (FREE DELIVERY)
//This strong borosilicate glass bottle comes complete with a stainless steel tea infuser at the bot..
Collagen Eye Masks (10 Beauty Treatments)
//These collagen eye masks eliminates dark circles and fine lines - the Collagen and minerals w..
Cool Elastic Locking Shoelaces - Running, Sports, Fashion
//Elastic shoelaces provide enhanced comfort and unmatched Convenience. Featuring innovative athlete..
Cushioned Gel Insoles
//Step into comfort with these luxurious Cushioned Silicone Insoles. The clever tapered design provi..
Digital LCD Body Fat Tester
//How do you track if you are losing fat, or muscle, or both? This Digital Body Fat Caliper deter..
Door Home Gym Exercise Pull Up Bar
//Looking for an upper body workout bar designed to strengthen your chest, shoulders, back, arms, an..
Electronic Mini Butterfly Muscle Massager
//Stimulate and sooth tired muscles amywhere on your body with this nifty little lightweight device...
Exercise Skipping Ropes
//This rope provides ideal solution for improving cardiovascular strength and overall dexterity. Wh..
Flip Straw Hydration Water Bottle
//Get hydrated when you're on the move with this flip straw hydration water bottle. Made of BPA-free..
Flip Straw Hydration Water Bottle (700ml)
//Get hydrated when you're on the move with this flip straw hydration water bottle. Made of BPA-free..
Fruit Infuser Water Bottles
//Get fit and healthy with this brilliant fruit infusion water bottle. Simply put slices of fruit in..
Gel Bike Seat Cover
//Is your bike giving you a sore derriere? Then look no further than this easy to fit, super comfy g..
Gold Collagen Face Mask
//The Collagen Gold Mask is a facial mask that infuses concentrated premium collagen-enriched essenc..
Hands-Free Athletic Hydro Belt
//While wearers run, walk, or cycle, this belt securely holds a standard-size water bottle and store..
iPhone / Smartphone Bike Pouch
//Talk about useful...This little gem is an absolute must for all cycling enthusiasts! Multi-l..
LED Bike Wheel Valve Lights
//Stay safe and look cool with these LED bicycle wheel lights. Simply replace your bike's valve cap ..
Magnetic Massage Hoola Hoop Workout
//Unlike regular playground hula hoops, this clever fitness accessory has a unique wavy inner design..
Magnetic Therapy Lower Back Support Belt
//No need to spend money on disposable heat wraps. This Self heating Tourmaline belt slowly warms th..
Magnetic Therapy Posture Support Top
//We don't think any one should have to suffer with shoulder, neck and back pain! This nifty little ..
Maternity Support Belt
//Ease the strain of pregnancy with the maternity support belt to help make things a lot more comfor..
Memory Foam Insoles Pair
//These memory foam insoles provide incredible comfort by perfectly moulding to the contours of your..
Memory Foam Pillow
//Sleep tight and sleep right, every night with the memory foam pillow. Fast becoming the UK's favou..
Microfibre Sports Towel
//These microfibre sports towels are ideal for the gym, travel, swimming and camping. They are thin ..
Mini LCD Run & Step Pedometer - Calorie & Distance Counter
//Do you like walking or running everyday or regularly? Why not take this Mini Pedometer with Two Ke..
Neckline Slimmer Exerciser
//This revolutionary product is taking the world by storm. It utilises resistance to effectively ton..
Negative Ion Health Bracelet
//Leading a happy and healthy life is a goal for many, but achievable by only a lucky few. With this..
Neoprene 'Sauna' Shaping Belt
//The Neoprene Slimming Shaper Belt is a proven, effective way to increase perspiration around your ..
Pair of Unisex Acupressure Insoles
// Foot pain is so common these days! Squeezing our feet into uncomfortable, small shoes for ..
Pulse Sports Watch with Heart Rate Monitor & Calorie Counter
//This stylish Pulse Sports Exercise Watch is a great way of ensuring optimal fitness while working ..
Sauna Fit Exercise Wraps
//Sauna Fit exercise wraps are specially designed to increase body temperature during daily activiti..
Silicon Sports Watch (X3 Watches - Choice of Colours)
//This great looking, multi functional sports watch, helps balance the human body's electric ions. I..
Silicone Gel Heel and Ankle Sleeve
//This soft, stretchable cushioning sleeve helps ease the effects of plantar fasciitis, fallen arche..
Silicone Gel Shoe Heel Cushion Inserts
//Give your heel extra support and comfort with these silicone gel cushion insoles inserts. They pro..
Silicone Magnetic Toe Rings for Slimming & Weight Loss
//Description: Each ring is fitted with two neodymium magnets which provide a magnetic field o..
Slimming & Toning Vibro-Belt
//The slimming, toning Vibro-Belt uses a unique massage action to energize specific problem areas of..
Smartphone  Armband - iPhone 4/5/5s/5c
//This durable, lightweight armband case keeps your iPhone secure and protected. With a superior com..
Tea Guy - Tea Infuser
//Tea Guy is the ideal tea-time companion. Just load his silicone trousers with your favourrite tea ..
Tens Digital Therapy Full Body Massager
//The Tens Digital Therapy Full Body Massager is a new generation of healthcare product, develo..
Waterproof Mini Silicone Bike Light Set
//With the nights closing in, keep yourself safe on the road. This waterproof mini silicone light se..
Wireless Waterproof LCD Bike Speedo Odometer
//Add some extra excitement to your bike rides by adding one of these wireless bike speedometers. Th..
Yoga Exercise Fitness Mats
//These comfortable mats are ideal for a variety of uses including fitness, exercise, yoga, pilates,..
Zip Pocket Running Belt For Smartphones
//You want to run, but what to do with your keys and phone? Well here's the simple solution! Safely ..