iPod iPhone Dock by Tangent PearlBox

iPod iPhone Dock by Tangent PearlBox
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The Tangent PearlBox is a stylish, superb-sounding ipod/iphone docking station. Looking sleek and simple at first glance, it rests elegantly on the tabletop in front of you. Designed to be free of any form of button or dial, the smooth shape is one of elegance and contemporary refinement. Just lift the lid, and the single iPod/iPhone dock is all you see amongst the silky-smooth fabric lining. Pop your Apple product on, and let the PearlBox take over. The auto-detect function recognises the device automatically, engages the display, and is ready to go. Scroll through your music collection as usual and enjoy the powerful sound of the PearlBox, instantly. High-frequency treble output eminates from the top of the PearlBox, with twin 1” dome tweeters located in the lid. These high-performance driver units deliver sharp treble details during audio playback. What’s more, the single 3” dual voice coil woofer pumps out midrange and low-frequency effects from the base section

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