Flyin' Monkey Slingshot

Flyin' Monkey Slingshot
Flyin' Monkey Slingshot Flyin' Monkey Slingshot
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... It's a screaming flying monkey!

You can't help but love this cheeky monkey. He works like a slingshot and screams just like a real monkey, swinging through the treetops as he flies.
This crazy flying ape measures 12" long and comes complete with his own cape and mask. What's best is he can can fly up to 50 feet!

The harder you pull back the further he will fly, and the louder he will scream. Simply slip your fingers in his pockets, pull back his legs, and his arms will stretch to ridiculous proportions via the magic of rubber!  Let fly and you will be treated to a wondrous sight and the monkey will scream with delight.

Fun for all the family (including the dog)   

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