Dog Training Whistle & Clicker (FREE DELIVERY)

Dog Training Whistle & Clicker (FREE DELIVERY)
Dog Training Whistle & Clicker (FREE DELIVERY)
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Dogs mainly react to tones and acoustical signals - not to speech. They learn easier when the tones and acoustical signals are exactly the same. This high frequency Whistle and clicker is ideal for any young pup's education.


Dogs perceive high frequency whistles because they have a wider audio frequency range to human beings. You can profit from this when you use whistles with sounds in such a high frequency range that humans do not hear or almost do not hear the whistling. The consistent frequency (individually adjustable with the frequency protection) guarantees that your dog gets clearly transmitted orders. Variations in your voice (e.g. nervous vibrations) which could confuse your dog are avoided. At the same time you prevent any people nearby becoming annoyed by all the shouting and loud noises.


Much the same as the whistle, this audible clicker provides your dog with a consistent audible click to help train and condition them. You’ll be amazed that when your dog doesn't listen to you, you’ll notice you really get their attention with the clicker and so the training process is made so much easier! Perfect for teaching your pooch tricks, building a solid relationship and great for training Obedience/HTM/Agility. The clicker is small enough to be hidden in your palm and can be also used under your foot. Comes complete with a handy wrist strap.

Pack Includes: 1 x training clicker (red) & 1 x adjustable frequency dog whistle


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