Gold Collagen Face Mask

Gold Collagen Face Mask
Gold Collagen Face Mask
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The Collagen Gold Mask is a facial mask that infuses concentrated premium collagen-enriched essence to tone, hydrate and brighten your complexion in just 7-10 minutes! This intense facial treatment mask smoothens the appearance of deep and fine lines, infuses the skin with precious moisture and helps prevent the visible signs of aging and environmental pollution. The antioxidant ingredients target the appearance of dark spots, age-lines and wrinkles.

The Gold Collagen Mask activates skin cells, rejuvenates & tightens the skin, boosts collagen production, and fight the free radicals that cause aging to return the youth and elasticity to your skin. It stimulates cellular growth to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a lightening effect. It also, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

While the collagen fills the facial fine lines, it also stimulates and improves blood and lymph circulation, revitalizes and firms the skin while re-establishing natural moisture levels. It is known to nourish, oxygenate and detoxify the skin. This non-surgical treatment will provide fresh, young looking skin which will have long lasting results. 


  • Stimulates blood circulation to repair and prevent damaged cells
  • Excellent eye treatment to minimize puffiness and flakiness
  • Fight free radicals to protect skin for external environment
  • Great anti-aging product, it improves skin elasticity
  • Leaves skin lively and youthful looking
  • Reduces under eye dark circle instantly
  • Firmer skin
  • Diminishes the appearance of under eye bags
  • Easy and convenient to apply anywhere 


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